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We deals with many services to take extra care of your problem solutions.

Business services is a general term that describes work that supports a business but does not produce a tangible commodity.

Global Cosmetics Regulatory Compliance

We have the honor to provide all professional consultations in the field of manufacture of cosmetics, Personal Care , Registration / Notification world wide.
Product evaluation, PIF , CPSR, PEF, Stability compliance,
Logistics Regulatory Clearance.

Quality System & Consumer complaint compliance

We are bridge between Customer – organization – Government Authority.

Customer complaints are a part of doing business—and one of your best sources of valuable information. A complaint is chance to learn and do better. one way to reduce customer complaints is to reduce the number of customers. suggest some actions a quality team can take to improve customer complaints and increase customer satisfaction

Projects execution/Licensing

– Industrial projects: Includes carry out all studies and activities for the execution of industrial projects in the fields of human and veterinary medicines, food supplements, medical supplies, cosmetics, disinfectants, detergents, air fresheners, food, children’s food, athletes, medical food and other pharmaceutical, health and medical products.

Brand Modeling

We are providing the models for new launch and doing complete branding according to the business sectors and Zonal requirement.


We help new companies to improve importation/exportation of their products by helping them to register their products in some countries/regions as: MENA region, North America, Europe, USA, Africa, and Arab Gulf.


We are providing best candidate world-wide in different sectors and hubs.  complete selection process is ours and best solution for you without any hassle.

Professional team creates Professional work


Dr. KS shiv

Our mission is very simple in Business Sector. Provide such exclusive support to all organization, Government sector and customers. Every one need safe and cool life with good amount of financial support. We are the one who takes care with end to end service. Our Organization is a single family and all are working towards single aim.

Please be a part of our family and see how we are supporting & suggesting in day to life.

We would like to introduce ourselves as the first professional technical consulting firm in the field of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care and health consulting services including GMP consultation in the field of pharmaceutical, food, medical and health care. In addition, the Office, in cooperation with the official governmental bodies, will hold training courses in the above-mentioned fields and give accredited certificates to the trainees. The Office also undertakes the technical studies necessary to set up factories in the above-mentioned fields and finalize the licensing procedures in the Egyptian Ministry of Health and other relevant ministries as well as the establishment and assessment of Pharmaceutical and health activities and studies.

Dr. KS Shiv

MSc, MBA, VoC, SS Black Belt, Principle specialist of cosmetics


Please be a part of our family and see how we are supporting & suggesting in day to life.

Manial El Roda – Cairo.
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